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Finding a Calm Space at Bottle Lake Preschool and Kindergarten

At Bottle Lake Preschool & Kindergarten in Parklands, we have some great ways to help your tamariki to find a calm space in our busy world. Now more than ever, it’s important to have a toolbox that includes a few techniques to shut out the noise and focus on our breathing. One of the great ways we can achieve a little space for ourselves is to practice Yoga and Mindfulness.

What Is Mindfulness?

Stress and anxiety are quite prevalent in our lives these days, and it seems like there is always something to be concerned about. Children often pick up on our mood as we rush from one task to the next – even if we are trying to put on a cheerful face. At our childcare centre in Parklands, Christchurch, we use some great breathing exercises to practice β€˜mindfulness’, this just means we breathe deeply and we feel our feelings, our surroundings, and take note of where we might be holding stress in our bodies.

Music Soothes

Occasionally we will play some soothing music while we sit quietly for a while and focus on our breath. This can reduce stress and it allows us to share a peaceful moment as a group, letting our minds relax and feeling the good things about our day. Mindfulness has been studied extensively and is known to improve our ability to concentrate and to elevate our overall mood if we find some space to do it regularly.

And Stretch

As well as sitting quietly and focusing on our breath, at Bottle Lake Preschool & Kindergarten we also use some movements to help us feel limber and balanced. Stretching and trying out a few Yoga poses is a great way to feel the ways we can move, and to become aware of how good we can feel when we push our physical limits a little over the course of the day. We encourage all our daycare kids to use this time to connect to a quiet relaxation, and we find that focus is always easier after we use some of these simple tools.

Use These Tips at Home

Yoga and Mindfulness are easy ways to improve our day and you can definitely feel some positive effects quite quickly. Starting a family practice is a great idea, and if you can carve out just 15 minutes where you breathe and stretch together it may become one of your favourite parts of the day.

At Bottle Lake Preschool & Kindergarten in Parklands, we love to share our ideas with all our daycare families, if you want some tips on practising Yoga and Mindfulness, get in touch today.