Ngahere | Kindergarten (3.5 – 5 years)

How does Ngahere / Forest reflect the Kindy room?
  • The forest is growing continually, this represents the Kindy educators in the way like the children we are always growing and learning, acquiring new knowledge and experiences.
  • Trees are strengthened by one another this links to Kindy teachers by the positive modelling we do as teachers.
  • No one tree is the same, yet they stand together, fostering individuality in the Kindy
  • Tuakana-teina, older trees (teachers) supporting and protecting the soil and younger trees (children).
  • The trees are growing, gaining support from one another which can be seen as a metaphor for trust and relationships in the Kindy. Trees have a place and are valued, especially as once were mahinga kai and a place for resources to make weapons, clothes etc. Everyone in the Kindy room has a place and are valued. The children are like trees that grow and have lifelong learning (growth)with their roots established at Bottle Lake Preschool.
  • Bottle Lake forest was known for being very boggy therefore the children are supported to be strong and successful to be able to tread through
  • The forest was known for its tranquillity, like this we aim to have a calm, tranquil learning environment.
  • The forest is now a popular recreation area which symbolises the Kindy as a fun learning environment
  • Trees grow and are transported to allow room for new trees to grow (like the preschool’s learning journey).

Ngahere / Kindy (Forest) and they will be kaitiaki (guardians) for Piwaiwaka (fantails) and Arehe (bracken ferns).