Taihua | Nursery  (0-2 years)

How does Taihua / Sea Shore reflect the Nursery Room?

Mana Whenua have gifted the beach or seashore to our area. In Te Reo Māori the seashore is called Taihua which is the new name for our nursery. The beach was chosen for us as this is where new life begins which is much like the beginning of the children’s journey at Bottle Lake Preschool.

As part of identifying as the beach we have also become the kaitiaki (guardians)of the Makorā, which are the red billed seagulls. Red billed seagulls are a common bird on the coast of Aotearoa New Zealand; however numbers are declining. As a team we believe that the Makorā reflect our inquisitive tamariki who become more confident as they move into the preschool.

We are also the kaitiaki of the Pingao, which is the golden sand sedge and is only found in Aotearoa New Zealand, so it is a real taonga (treasure) to us. It is also a treasure to tangata whenua as it is one of the four native species that is used for weaving. The Pingao hold together the sand dunes at the beach much like the nursery kaiako who bring us all together as a team and whānau.

A whakatauki (or proverb) that we feel resonates with Taihua is:

Nā te moa i takahi te rātā

Early influences will last throughout life, take care of the young

Taihua / Nursery (Sea shore) and they will be kaitaiaki (guardians) for Makorā (red billed seagulls) and Pingao (golden sand sledge).

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