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Our Commitment to Sustainability at Bottle Lake Preschool Parklands

At Bottle Lake early childhood centre in Parklands, Christchurch, we are practicing sustainability and we are teaching our childcare children how to integrate these practices into their lives outside of the kindergarten space. Sustainability Is a bit of a buzzword these days, but what does it actually mean for our Tamariki in a material sense? Is it eating organic food, is it recycling? It’s a widespread concept that seems super important, so let’s talk about a few ways we can be sustainable citizens!

Thriving And Regenerating

To sustain something is to make sure it thrives, at Bottle Lake childcare we see this as being all about using our resources in ways that ensure that they can endure. When it comes to our environment, sustainability is practiced when we maintain our own well-being without destroying the surrounding ecologies. It’s about treating our resources with respect and making sure that we are taking what we need in ways that leave things intact – in ways that support regeneration – and for the people who are coming next.

Our Own Ecosystem

At Bottle Lake we are all about those people that are coming next, and we are excited to teach your Tamariki ways of being in the world that protect and preserve our natural world. Here in Parklands, we are blessed with space to explore the ecosystems in our neighbourhood, and we even have our own one in our outdoor area! Our daycare kids have lots of opportunities to get their hands in the soil in our very own garden.

The Cycle of Life

At Bottle Lake childcare in Parklands, we learn to grow food and we gain an understanding of the importance of taking care of the soil – this after all is the Earth! We plant seeds at the right time, we feed our dirt with nutrients from our compost, we see how insects and birds interact with our patch and discover ways we can protect our baby plants. When the food is grown we begin to understand things about harvesting, then we can bring the vegetables and fruits inside and make a snack or a meal!

Grow, Eat, Play

Once we have enjoyed the fruits (and veggies!) of our labour, we then take the scraps back out to the compost. In this way your Tamariki start to grasp how sustainability is about supporting life cycles and tending a patch of soil is a great way to bring these lessons around sustainable practice home. You don’t need much space, just a few pots and a bit of dirt in a sunny spot is a great start!

At Bottle Lake we welcome Christchurch children across Parklands, New Brighton, and Burwood to come and join us in making the world greener and more sustainable, get in touch today to talk about the future – let’s make it bright!